Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Follow up on the Jack in the Box promotion

I've previously blogged about the Jack in the Box promotion, which is supposedly intended to get people to come to the store.

Now I'll grant that I'm not an advertising expert, but I'm not quite sure what the message is in this February 6, 2009 video.

I can't figure out what the underlying message is here, unless "really loud crack" means that they're about to release a new egg sandwich or something. The original Super Bowl spot had Jack, pre-accident, talking about ordering food at any time of the day. I could understand if the bystander was saying that he was on his way to a Jack in the Box so that he could have his mid-afternoon breakfast, but...I'm puzzled here.

Perhaps this is similar to what Mark Trapp said about GoDaddy. Perhaps the very existence of the mentions of Jack, even without any brand messaging, are enough to drive people into the restaurants. Heck, it worked for me, I guess.
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