Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Jack in the Box campaign continues #DYSP

The Jack in the Box campaign continues, and the message is actually rolling out, although you can question whether the methods

If you go to, you can see that the message has been incorporated into the website.

And there's even an interactivity section, in which people can write messages to Jack. Presumably the messages are scanned for inappropriate content, but it still provides a level of engagement with the campaign.

But the campaign has been going on for a while. And Nancy Luna is getting bored:

I have to say, I’m getting tired of waiting around for news on Jack Box. Last we heard, the iconic mascot flat lined in surgery. Now, his ‘doctor’ says he’s in a coma....

What do you think? Is Jack in the Box dragging out this ‘mock’ bus bashing drama?

And to top it off, there was a post in early February entitled "Jack run over. Who cares?" But to find it, you have to go to the Google cache; the original author cared so little that it was later deleted from the blog.

But conspiracy theories are afoot. When @hangintherejack was sending different information than @jackbox, Ryan Kuder wondered whether Jack in the Box had After viewing the @hangintherejack account myself, it appears that the account is independent...and has its own storyline (in its version, Jack Box died February 3)...and seems to run a lot of tweets about @atweeteraday. Funniest tweet from the latter is this one, in which @atweeteraday complains that a news station Twitter account (@wmflnc6 is "fake." I'm waiting for @atweeteraday to expose @hangintherejack...

Oh, and by the way, you may recall that I previously linked to a Damien Newton post on Streetsblog that criticized the promotion. Newton's post was itself hijacked by a site called Top Buzz that appears to have stolen, without attribution, all of Newton's post except for the first paragraph. And of course if you're missing the first paragraph of Newton's post, the post is pretty much unreadable. Top Buzz can't even steal correctly.
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