Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some things just can't be predicted

Companies and individuals like to name things. Sometimes they're named with no research whatsoever, and problems ensue. Sometimes the company or individual do a lot of research before naming something, and then something happens later that causes problems for the name.

How much later can a problem crop up?

Well, let's look at a Canadian band that came up with its name way back in 1990. Naming themselves after a euphemism used by Beat poets, the band developed a style that was called "Moroccan roll." The band issued eight albums, toured the world a few times, and at some point set up a website to publicize the band's efforts. Even after the band broke up fifteen years later, the website remained, pretty much dormant.

But the website is now so popular that the band could sell it for a million dollars (Canadian or American, take your pick; the exchange rate is about 1:1 these days).

Not because of the band, but because of other stuff that's intervened in the last couple of decades.

If you want to see the website, go to

Who could have predicted THAT name would be so popular a couple of decades later?
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