Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More on dialogue

Here's something a little more focused on business dialogue, written by Punch! Media.

There are many businesses who are using Social Media effectively. Two of my favourite examples of big businesses who “get it” are IBM and Home Depot US.

They ask questions, they actively search blogs and Twitter using keywords, and they provide value first. They understand that LISTENING is the first step.

They listen to what their customers want, or what they are disgruntled about so they can effectively solve their problems. Isn’t that what businesses should be doing? Solving problems?

More here.

And even those who concentrate more on the monologue than the dialogue realize that you have to at least pretend to listen.

Keep your followers in the loop as your pool of followers grow. You don’t have to engage with your followers all the time, but every so often. This will remind your followers that you are aware of their voice and you value it.

Now this particular writer didn't think interaction was all that important - it was only 7th in the list of 8 items, and the method of engagement apparently isn't all that important. I guess you could just say "Comcast cares" and call that engagement.

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