Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why you will soon see a formal press release for Ontario Emperor's "Salad"

If you saw my post from earlier today, you know that early on Saturday morning - approximately 4:30 am Eastern Daylight Time - I submitted a press release to for approval.

Well, I just received this in my email.

So in this instance, my free press release was approved approximately 18 hours after I submitted it, and it is now in the queue to be formally released early Monday morning.

What happens then?

Well, my press release may or may not get traction similar to the paid press release that ObservaMé released earlier today (Saturday). This press release showed up at a variety of sources. OK, it didn't make Elle or Men's Health, but you can see it on Benzinga, SAT PR News, and some other sites.

I don't think that the Ontario Emperor press release will land me on the cover of the Rolling Stone, but I'm curious to see where it does end up.

Of course, this is just a small part of a marketing campaign. If "Salad" were on physical media, I'd be ringing up Rhino Records and doing what I was doing in the late 1980s with my Shuffleboard! zine.

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