Thursday, April 27, 2017

I guess tech isn't an organic joke (the Twitter analytics of @empoprises and what this means for Ontario Emperor's "Salad")

I thought I'd peek into the analytics for my @empoprises Twitter account, and I spent a bit of time analyzing the audience insights. Insights are available for, among other things, a Twitter account's followers and its organic audience. SHIFT Communications explains the difference:

Currently, you can broadly look at all Twitter users or your own Twitter account’s followers and your organic audience. What’s the difference? When someone retweets you, their followers – who may not be your followers – are counted in your organic audience.

The reason that I was interested in this definition is because, for the "Interests" category, my followers and my organic audience are significantly different.

In essence, while my followers are a tech crowd, the people who actually see my tweets are more interest in politics, business, and comedy (?) than tech.

Sadly, neither my followers nor my organic audience is significantly interested in music, which makes it a bit harder to hawk my Ontario Emperor album "Salad."

But I'm working on it.
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