Monday, April 17, 2017

Don't stress out over stress reduction

So I signed up for a 28 day "stress reduction" challenge, because I certainly could use some stress reduction techniques. Plus, if you amass 700 points over the 28 days, you get a small financial reward.

To earn points you do things such as get enough sleep (you can track this), participate in a hobby, and refrain from consuming caffeine after 3:00 pm.

For the first ten days I dutifully logged my points for the things that I was doing, and tried a couple of new things, but not many. Day in and day out, I logged stuff.

By mid-afternoon of day 10, I realized that I was NOT on track to earn the 700 points. Therefore, why bother tracking?

So I celebrated my liberation from stress reduction by going to the Flavia machine, making a hot chocolate, and adding a shot of espresso.

Despite the fact that it was 3:05 pm.

I wasn't going to stress out about it.

P.S. The morning after I effectively quit the stress reduction challenge, one of my financial institutions completely botched a travel notification. Guess I shouldn't have had that shot of espresso after all.
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