Monday, August 29, 2016

Announcing #ebimara16

I have written over two thousand and six hundred posts in this Empoprise-BI business blog. I could have written this in numeric form, but just seeing the word "thousand" spelled out gives me pause.

My very first post to this blog was written on January 29, 2009. Its title? Test post.

This was followed by other test posts. It wasn't until my sixth post, Why Harlan Koch needs to run Starbucks, that I began hitting my stride. And in those 2,600+ posts, I've covered a lot of ground - ground that many of you have missed.

I guess that I could republish every single post in the blog again. That would increase the number of posts to 5,200, but could get messy for other reasons.

Or I could just retweet links for the posts at the empoprises Twitter account, but that's not a good idea either.

The best idea that I came up with was to (a) only share a very small subset of the historical posts, and (b) share it in a location where you have to opt-in to see the comment.

Thus was born next week's Empoprise-BI Marathon 2016 - #ebimara16 for short.

As you can see, the marathon will take place on the United States Labor Day on Monday, September 5.

And the marathon will take place on the Empoprise-BI Facebook page. If you visit that page throughout the day on Labor Day, you'll see reposts of some of the old content from Empoprise-BI. Some of it is no longer relevant - FriendFeed? Some of it, however, is still extremely relevant.

So be sure to pop in throughout the day. After all, you won't be watching Jerry Lewis.
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