Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So I've switched my enterprise RSS feed reader from IE to Outlook

With the anticipated demise of Google Reader, I needed a way to read my work-related RSS feeds. While Feedly may be the choice for all the cool kids, it often will not work for enterprise use. didn't work that well for me either. Finally, with only a few days to go before Google Reader started pining for the fjords, I adopted Internet Explorer as my enterprise RSS reader.

No, Internet Explorer is not as full featured as Google Reader. And no, I am not able to access my Internet Explorer RSS feeds from any device, in any location. But it allows me to keep up with my forensic, public safety, and proposal-related feeds - something that Feedly and Google can't do.

Several days into my new RSS feeding system, I was checking my work e-mail. It's probably no surprise to you that an enterprise that has standardized on Microsoft Internet Explorer has also standardized on Microsoft Outlook. While reading my e-mail one day, I noticed a folder that I hadn't happen to notice before.

So I tried it out. I exported my feeds from Internet Explorer in OPML format, imported them into Outlook, arranged them in sub-folders as I desired, and then looked to see what I had.

What I had was something that was functionally closer to my Google Reader experience.

One of the things that I liked about Google Reader was the ability to "star" individual entries to retain them. Internet Explorer offered no way to do this. But since Outlook rendered each feed as a folder, and each item in the feed as a "message" within the folder, I could simply delete the messages that I no longer wished to retain, while keeping the remainder.

Of course, this is tied to my Outlook account. However, I may have ways to access these feeds, even if I don't have my work computer, via the magic of OWA (if my company's implementation of OWA supports the "RSS Feeds" folder).

Things are looking up.

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