Friday, April 5, 2013

Snubbing your champions - Jason Alba asks "LinkedIn, now what?"

After Jason Alba wrote the book I'm on LinkedIn - Now What?, he created a blog to go with the book. His April 3, 2013 post in the blog is not good news for LinkedIn. Excerpt:

When I was writing my book I reached out to LinkedIn and to some LinkedIn communities. The response I got from LinkedIn “go away!” was surprising. Over the years I’ve learned that’s how they engage with most everyone. People who evangelize LinkedIn are snubbed.

Considering LinkedIn's purpose, this is especially distressing to Alba.

[I]t’s a shame that a company based around networking, who says “relationships matter,” have zero interest in developing relationships with users, power users, etc.

And this is just one of five (actually, more than five) blunders that Alba documents in his April 3 post.

And this is a guy who, at least at one point, LIKED LinkedIn.
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