Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Attention to detail (Mel Brooks)

Marc Flanagan was a writer for The Tracey Ullman Show (for you young people, it was a live action predecessor to The Simpsons). Mel Brooks was...Mel Brooks. He was guesting on Ullman's show, and Flanagan (who had admired Brooks for years) was assigned to work on a sketch for Ullman and Brooks.

As Flanagan describes it, he worked on the piece "with great trepidation," completed it, and then submitted it for Brooks' review. Brooks liked the sketch, but during rehearsals, he suggested a change.

One of the punch lines was, "Yeah, he's going up Thursday." Mel asked if he could change "Thursday" to "Tuesday.” Of course, I responded. Mel instructs, "Tuesday is a lot funnier then Thursday.”

Now THAT is attention to detail.

Read Flanagan's entire story here, including the account of Flanagan's first meeting with Brooks while trespassing on his property.

And for more wisdom from Mel Brooks, read this piece.
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