Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Should I delete my Monster account?

Usually, I am a strong advocate of retaining old accounts, even ones that I don't use. My rationale is that if I abandon a user name on a particular service, a spammer could subsequently claim that user name and spam everything using my name (or my well-known pseudonym).

But I'm beginning to wonder if I should change my policy and delete my monster.com account.

Long, long ago, Monster was a service that met my needs. It allowed creation of multiple resumes, letting me emphasize specific strengths for specific types of positions.

But Monster has become less useful to me, and the only time that I have any interaction with the service is when Monster sends me weekly emails (which I often ignore) based upon key words that I specified however many years ago.

Oh, and Monster occasionally gets proactive and suggests jobs for me.

First, I have no idea how Monster determined that I'd be the ideal candidate to become a search specialist at Guitar Center.

Second, I don't really get the warm fuzzies when I get an email from someone with no last name.

Third, why would "Brooke" (or Irving, or whatever the person's real name is) write a sentence such as this?

Monster is committed to helping you find better.

Sorry, Brooke, but when I want to find better, I use Google or Bing. "Find better" appears to be Monster's slogan, but it's one of the most vague and incomprehensible slogans that I've ever heard. Even "We're Beatrice" is more specific, since at least you know who wrote the slogan.

And at the corporate level, Monster isn't faring much better:

[President Sal] Iannuzzi told analysts that selling or closing parts of the Monster operation had been discussed internally, but until the last few months officials held off while pursuing a sale of all of Monster. The decision to go forward was made after it become apparent that they didn’t interest potential buyers as much as was initially thought.
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