Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ingres is not Ingress...and Ingres is not Ingres either

I've been blogging a lot about Google Ingress lately - if you haven't seen it, here's my post in my tymshft blog addressed to public safety personnel, explaining why people may be running around their cities and "hacking" fire stations. People are obviously interested in the game, and are using search engines such as Google's to find information about it.

In fact, one of my blog posts was recently visited due to a Google search for "ingres game google."

Note, however, that the searcher only used one "s" in "ingres." As a result, the searcher ended up at a post I wrote in 2010, long before the Google Ingress game entered closed beta.

The title of the 2010 post? Has Ingres raised the stakes of the game? The post had nothing to do with augmented reality, but instead discusses an enhancement that allows faster processing of Ingres database queries.

Well, Vectorwise is actually Ingress, or Actian, or something:

Ingres descendent Actian says its Vectorwise analytics database tech doesn't need to rely on a flash memory boost: it uses multicore x86 features so well it's more than twice as fast as Oracle and SQL Server, and uses server, storage and networking hardware up to 40 times cheaper - or so we're told.

Actian is actually Ingres....The company was bought by ASK in the early 1990s; ASK was acquired by CA in 1994. A private equity group, Garnett and Helfrich, bought the Ingres assets from CA in 2005. It's been renamed and relaunched.

But there are people like me who have heard of Ingres but aren't familiar with the name Actian. And there are just enough of us around, apparently, that there is now confusion between a relational database and an augmented reality game.

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