Saturday, December 29, 2012

Empoprise-BI in March 2012 - I was right about Mark Walter...or was I?

Yes, I'm looking at some posts I wrote in the past year. I've already looked at January and February, so now it's time for March.

For a change, rather than looking at a post that suddenly caught my fancy, I'm going to look at a post that caught the fancy of a lot of other people.

You see, while people were concentrating on certain members of the Los Angeles Dodger's new ownership team, I was heading right to the top. In the end, the person who runs a business is the person with the money, and in the Dodgers' ownership group, the money was held by Mark Walter.

So, back in March, I asked the question Who is prospective Dodgers controlling partner Mark R. Walter? ("Prospective" because when I wrote the post, the ownership change was still going through the approval process.)

There wasn't a lot of information available about Walter at the time, so I ended up looking at the Guggenheim website. One quote caught my eye:

“We put our clients and our relationships first, ahead of the firm’s interests.”

~CEO Mark Walter

After the penny-pinching that became evident in the latter years of the Frank McCourt era, I observed:

Good news for a baseball fan.

But now that several months have elapsed since the new regime took over, we can ask ourselves whether the team is headed in the right direction.

Walter and the Dodgers certainly spent money in 2012 - most notably when the team acquired Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and an injured Carl Crawford. In late August, it looked like Gonzalez and Beckett could help propel the Dodgers to the postseason.

They didn't.

The Dodgers' 86-76 record wasn't enough to get them into postseason play, although it was slightly better than the 82-79 record from 2011, McCourt's last year. And it was better than the 80-82 record from 2010.

But what can we expect in 2013? I think we can expect that Mark Walter and the Dodgers will spend money. But will that be enough to bring a win to Chavez Ravine?
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