Thursday, August 18, 2011

Self bag tagging, and a bit of airline humor

The Airport Consultants Council is hosting a webinar later this month on self bag tagging.

The process of passengers self tagging their checked baggage is growing in European airports, and there is great interest in when this process will be available in the United States.

But I had to laugh when I read the beginning of the next sentence:

While there are a few pilots underway in the U.S....

Pilots? So, when are these pilots going to take off? Will self bag tagging result in additional cabin pressure? Will there be turbulence?

Be sure to tip your waitresses, I'll be back in this comedy club in September.

Seriously, the webinar is scheduled for August 23 and September 16, should you have an interest in the topic. And yes, the TSA will participate in the webinar, since there are obviously security concerns about the practice.
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