Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puzzling comment grammar in the HOA management industry

In August 2010, I wrote a post in my Empoprise-MU music blog entitled Real estate agent from the stars. The reason that this post appeared in my music blog (rather than my business blog) was because it talked about real estate agent Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford. Note the name "Wilson," which is connected with two prominent musical groups.

Anyway, I received an email notification today that someone had commented on the post. A year after I wrote it.

The email included a portion of the comment - enough to ring warning bells in my head.

As one of the arch absolute acreage professionals on the Westside, she artlessly never compromises if it comes to allowance her audience accomplish their goals.

Whenever I see a comment with such poor grammar/usage, my first thought is that the comment includes a link content. So I immediately went to the comment itself to see if there was a link.

And there was a link - for a property management information website, HOA In the context of the post, this comment is entirely APPROPRIATE content. Wilson-Rutherford is a real estate agent, and HOA Management deals in that arena.

However, I did visit the site, just to make sure that it was what it claimed to be. I went to the About Us page:

HOA MANAGEMENT .COM is easy to find, easy to navigate, and an astounding leap forward for anyone involved in the COA (Condominium Owner Association), POA (Property Owners Association), or HOA (Homeowner Association) industry. This large group of individuals includes: Board Members, Committee Members, Management Companies, Service Providers, and Contractors - all of whom work directly with the over 300,000 planned communities in the United States. Planned communities will spend approximately $38.2 Billion dollars a year in the US on everything from management services to siding replacement. The list of industries and trades that are associated with COA/POA/HOA's is countless.

It's important to keep in mind that while many communities are professionally managed, 70% of communities are in fact self managed and vastly contribute to the $41 Billion operating revenue that is typically spent on local and regional goods and services. HOA MANAGEMENT .COM was carefully chosen and designed by some of the most competent and qualified professionals in the field.

Read the rest here.

Do you notice a difference in the quality of the writing on the website, vs. the quality of the writing in the comment on the Empoprise-MU blog?

Obviously people pay more attention (and probably pay more money) to the people who write the text for a website vs. the people who write text for promotional comments posted on blogs.

But at the end of the day, do poorly written comments reflect negatively on your corporate image, and decrease your business?

Probably not. After all, I just wrote an entire blog post about HOA Management.

But just to be fair, I'll also slip in mentions of,,, and
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