Thursday, August 11, 2011

(empo-tuulwey) David Wagner sounds a hypocrisy alert

In a piece for Enterprise Efficiency entitled Don't Blame the Tool, David Wagner takes politicians to task for praising technology as a tool of freedom in one instance (the so-called "Arab Spring") and as a tool of terrorism in another instance (the London riots). Excerpt:

Governments and corporations have sent experts with information to help dissidents keep access to these tools, even when governments have blacked out the Internet in their country, killing their economy to try to keep their power. We’ve sat here smugly believing that a few social networking tools would be the answer to freedom and an end to long-term enemies.

But when the unrest turns on the UK, they are quick to blame the very tools they praised in the hands of others. When someone had the gall to question their power, social networking went from a harbinger of freedom to a tool of evil.

More here.

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