Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too easy to steal, too easy to get caught

I conduct vanity searches via Google Reader, and I was surprised when an item came up in the search that looked familiar, yet not so familiar. The snippet that appeared in Google Reader started as follows:

Short Bio: John Bredehoft, based in Ontario, California, is a product marketing consultant...

Now I remember seeing those words a couple of days ago when they were posted by Louis Gray. I don't recall seeing them in something called Guilda Blog. But here they are.

The interesting part is that the brains behind guildfa.net didn't just steal Gray's content. They also stole all his links, including (most importantly) a link back to Gray's blog. I didn't see any ads or anything like that, but I did find this interesting little note at the bottom of the post:

Copyright © 2009 Guilda Blog

I don't think so, Monesa Azimi. Just watch whose copyright you mess with.
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