Sunday, June 7, 2009

Empoprise-BI News - 7 June 2009

Empoprise-BI News

The news letter for Empoprise-BI - An Empoprises vertical information service for business news.

Welcome to Empoprise-BI News

Hello again! We're still making news, or at least reporting it. Hope you're enjoying the read, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, contact me via the Disqus comments or email my Gmail account ("empoprises").

Behind the Scenes

In the last newsletter I talked about a couple of the interesting FriendFeed groups that I've created, but I haven't talked about the cool one yet - my Natural User Interface FriendFeed group at the URL. I started it for selfish reasons - a co-worker happened to mention some of the new user interface work that was going on, and I created the group to track some of this stuff. But there have been some interesting things going on as of late, including Project Natal and Windows 7 Touch, so I'm glad that it's there. Like most of my groups, the Natural User Interface group includes some auto-populating feeds, plus whatever stuff I (and you) choose to share in there).

Special Features

You'll notice that I like to write about small businesses. That's because I've worked for a few of them. Fresh out of college, I spent several years working for Logic eXtension Resources, which was then located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The business has changed significantly since I initially joined, and the firm itself (and its employees) have moved across the country to South Carolina, but they remain one of the leading providers of educational testing software.


I'm excited about something that you'll see on the Empoprise-BI blog very soon. In a number of areas there's an ongoing debate about whether we should rely on experts, or whether we should rely on the wisdom of the crowdsourced masses. I'm exploring this topic in a forthcoming post, and I've already written a follow-up post on the topic that asks whether expertise in one area makes you trust a person in another area.
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