Sunday, June 21, 2009

Empoprise-BI News - 21 June 2009

Empoprise-BI News

The news letter for Empoprise-BI - An Empoprises vertical information service for business news.

Welcome to Empoprise-BI News

I apologize for this edition being shorter than usual, and the fact that I don't have companion newsletters for the Empoprise-IE and Empoprise-MU blogs this week.

Behind the Scenes

Nothing this week, but I anticipate that I'll be providing an extended "Behind the Scenes" next week.


Why do large store locations end up getting occupied by formerly smaller stores? Are we seeing a revolutionary change for in-the-air purchases? Why aren't there more non-smoking restaurants in places where smoking is allowed? Is Wal-Mart undermining its own clinic strategy? Is "smoot" a verb? These and other questions may be answered this coming week, or at least I'll spout off about them.
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