Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#brexitubi Empoprises Rule of Brexit Ubiquitousness

There's one Empoprises Rule that I haven't gotten around to finishing yet. I got really close last December:

I have yet to formally publish the Empoprises Rule of Fair Food that I have previously mentioned, but I will reveal that part of the rule involves the universal use of the suffix "on a stick." (At this time I am not prepared to reveal the prefix that can be universally used - suffice it to say that it rhymes with "lied" and "died.")

But I'm ignoring that now because I want to work on another rule, suggested to me by my RSS feeds. (Thanks Winer.)

Early this morning I was reading one of my RSS feeds, and three articles in a row were of the "What does Brexit mean for..." ilk. This sort of analysis, conducted after the United Kingdom's Brexit referendum, meets the need of all of us to understand what the heck Brexit will do.

I am forced to conclude that Brexit, like chaos theory, will affect everything. And I mean everything.

Hence, my latest copyrighted rule (copyright 2016 John E. Bredehoft):

The Empoprises Rule of Brexit Ubiquitousness

When the phrase "What does Brexit mean for" is followed by ANY word or phrase, the resulting question will be meaningful and worthy of serious consideration.

Perhaps a few examples may be helpful.

What does Brexit mean for...fair food?
What does Brexit mean for...Kim Kardashian's personal assistant?
What does Brexit mean for...Nickelback?

Have fun...and use the #brexitubi hashtag with abandon.
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