Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Painting a mental picture of some ALMOST complete instructions

They should really put instructions when going to a hotel on how to use the shower, I can never get it to work then I feel really dumb for not knowing.....

I spent the last week in a hotel...which means that I spent the last week dealing with hotel showers.

They can be confusing. You're used to your home shower, and then you're in this other room with unfamiliar bathroom fixtures. So when you take your first shower during your stay, you have to allot some time to figure out exactly how to take the shower.

But this hotel thoughtfully provided a solution. I failed to take a picture of the solution - for some reason, whenever I was in the shower, I didn't have my camera with me - but when you entered the shower, you could see some printed instructions that covered how to use the shower.

Pull the handle - water comes on.

Push the handle - water goes off.

Turn the handle counterclockwise - water gets hot.

Turn the handle clockwise - water gets cold.

Although these aren't the instructions for MY hotel shower, these instructions from Lemonsoap illustrate the concept. While Lemonsoap believes that the very need for instructions indicates bad design, I assert that it is probably impossible to design a shower fixture that is intuitive for a worldwide audience.

As you can see, the Lemonsoap-cited instructions, as well as the instructions that I found, covered EVERYTHING that you would need to know to use the shower. Right?

Well, almost everything.

The printed instructions failed to tell you how to change the water from the BATH faucet to the SHOWER faucet.

Luckily, I was able to find the separate control to switch between bath and shower - but what if I couldn't?
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