Monday, August 3, 2015

The allure of the allure of doing nothing

Whenever someone is faced with a purchase decision, there is often an alternative of taking no action at all. For example, someone trying to decide between a 2016 Toyota and a 2016 Ford often has the option of purchasing neither and instead sticking with the 1996 Ford that is still running. One common way to express this alternative is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." (Of course, if that 1996 Ford is broke, you have to fix it. Or take the bus.)

I read Sales and Marketing Management, and this topic is obviously of concern to that publication. Sales and marketing managers need to overcome resistance from potential customers. SMM discusses this in an article entitled "The Allure of Doing Nothing."

This is an excellent article, by the way.

But it's a really bad title.

You're writing an article to a marketing guy like me, and you're trying to motivate me to perform option A (the good option), and then you describe option B with the word "allure"? The article itself talks about psychology, yet the psychology behind the title itself entices me to pursue the bad option.

I suspect that someone at Sales and Marketing Management came up with the title...and no one was motivated to change it.
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