Monday, July 28, 2014

On summer colds

A few facts from

Colds are caused by viruses, not the weather, so they can occur at any time of the year. They are more common during the colder months because the virus is able to spread more easily in cold, dry air. People also tend to stay indoors more during the winter months, which means they may have more exposure to other people and their germs. But that doesn't mean they don't occur during the warmer months. The viruses that cause colds are always around.

More here. And note the repeated use of the word "virus" in the description above...and how that pertains to a Slate article entitled "The Pink-Bubble-Gum- Flavored Dilemma: Why doctors give out antibiotics you don't need."

And yes, by the time you read this post, I'll be on my fourth day of antibiotics. By not at least asking about the prescription that I was given, am I part of the problem?
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