Monday, March 17, 2014

It is now 2014. Chris Schauble is now Kent Schocknek. Safety first, kids.

This little piece of news doesn't, register with most southern Californians. An earthquake occurs during the morning news, and two anchors react.

Early morning TV viewers saw anchors Megan Henderson and Chris Schauble sense something is amiss. Schauble interrupts Henderson, points up and says, "Earthquake! We're having an earthquake!"

They then hide under the news desk like two students during a Cold War nuclear missile drill while the shaky camera focuses on a suddenly abandoned studio.

Ho hum...but wait a minute. Was one of those anchors Chris Schauble, formerly of KNBC? He reacted differently a few years ago:

The earthquake begins, and the newscasters remain at their desks. Bjorklund gazes up toward the ceiling, with a complete lack of concern on her face. The newscasters note that someone off-camera (Ana Garcia) ran into the newsroom, barefoot, then ran back out again.

And here's the kicker:

Schauble then notes that "it could have been handled differently, shall we say" - a direct slap at Shocknek's well-known coverage from twenty years earlier.

Now I have been a staunch defender of Kent Shocknek and (in this particular instance) Christopher Nance for decades. When an earthquake takes place, you are SUPPOSED to duck and cover - something that Shocknek and Nance demonstrated way back when, and something that Schauble belatedly demonstrated today.

As the Yahoo writer puts it:

Looking cool is overrated. Safety first, kids.

Now I'm wondering what happened to the barefoot Ana Garcia. Did she leave KNBC like Shocknek and Schauble did?
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