Monday, January 13, 2014

Architecture and Mortality, revisited

Back in 2009, I wrote a post entitled Architecture and Mortality that talked about some cubicle design ideas from 2002. I have worked both in offices and cubicles, but I have been able to avoid the super-cool startup idea of setting everyone at the same table to interact and co-exist.

Actually, that's a good thing, according to a New Yorker article (shared privately by one of my online friends - I won't say who, but I will say that he remembered his own birthday). If you work in some of these trendy open environments, you could die.

[A] recent study ... found that as the number of people working in a single room went up, the number of employees who took sick leave increased apace.

Add the fact that it's hard for people, even Generation Z people, to get any work done with all the noise around them.

More here.
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