Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More on the OpenDyslexic font (yes, I do the Jim Bakker "I was wrong" routine again)

Remember my Monday post about the OpenDyslexic font? You know, the one entitled "Reading heavy-weighted bottoms"? (This was a reference to the characteristics of the font.)

Remember what I said in the post?

In addition to font downloads, the OpenDyslexic people even offer a custom web browser. Unfortunately, it's only available for devices that begin with the letter "i."

While that particular web browser may only be available for iDevices, my sentence is imprecise enough to give a different impression about OpenDyslexic's availability. A person named Abelardo - yeah, THAT Abelardo - offered a clarification:

Nope. Not true. It's a typeface. It's available anywhere you can shove it. I've only had time to create iOS apps that include it, but there are others, like InstaFetch that include it for Android.

And in this world of questionable sources, Abelardo offered this additional comment:

source: I made it. o_O

Yes, third-party applications are incorporating OpenDyslexic. The Examiner lists some of them:

Free downloads for Safari and Chrome browser extensions and several Apps (WordSmith, Instapaper, Instafetch, Steel's Run, Dox on Box, openWeb, Clicker 6) are available on Open-Dyslexic’s download page.

And if you want to install the font on your own Windows computer, serif.com (yeah, serif - heh) tells you know.

As Jim Bakker said, I was wrong.

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