Monday, November 19, 2012

When to clap, and when to ground - being a supportive co-worker

Even in a supposedly solo career (such as race car driver), your performance is highly dependent on your co-workers.

One of my former co-workers recently started a job with a new company, and this co-worker has noted that the co-workers at the new company are very supportive. In fact, if someone at the company announces good news at a company meeting, the rest of the co-workers applaud.

But sometimes you need a different type of support. There's another person who recently started a job with a new company - a job that is usually performed by experienced people. Although this person doesn't have a lot of experience, he has still done well - or at least better than one would expect.

I speak of Robert Griffin III, rookie starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Griffin is in the spotlight now, and while he's not receiving unanimous praise, he is receiving a lot of commendations for how well he's doing as a rookie.

How can his co-workers best support him in this situation. Griffin tells us:

I try to make sure I stay grounded. A lot of people around me make sure I stay grounded. You just never want to feel like you’re bigger than life.

Although Griffin didn't elaborated, I'm sure that Redskins players have ways to make young rookies stay grounded.
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