Saturday, November 17, 2012

TUAS (today's unfortunate acronym story)

Woodward Table is a Washington, DC restaurant. Like any other fancy-dancy restaurant (and some not so fancy-dancy ones), it is centered around a concept - or, actually, two concepts:

Jeffrey and Sallie Buben’s Woodward Table, housed in the historic Woodward Building is a concept that exudes a timeless feel with neighborhood charm. Located just one block from The White House, Woodward presents a “table” of dining possibilities with two eateries…the main restaurant with its creative and diverse American menu and Woodward Takeout Food, a sprite artisanal alternative for breakfast and lunch.

A what? A "sprite artisanal alternative"? WTF is that?

"Yes," Abbott and Costello respond. For, you see, when Jeffrey Buben named his sprite artisanal alternative, he was unaware of the meaning of the acronym. Huffington Post:

Owner and chef Jeff Buben claimed to Washington City Paper's Jessica Sidman that he was completely ignorant of the name's other meaning until he'd already committed to using it...

Incidentally, I would link to the Washington City Paper's original piece, but it appears that the WCP is in the process of moving its servers right now.

Incidentally, I learned about this story via O'Neil Godfrey. Ordinarily I would say H/T O'Neil Godfrey, but the last time I used that acronym, Matthew DeVries asked:

You're calling +Tad Donaghe Hot and Tempting?
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