Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(empo-tuulwey) Social Strategy Part 2 - Do

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I've already talked about the word "you." Now I'm going to talk about the word "do." (This will all fit together in the end - trust me.)

Not too long ago, Jonathan Hardesty shared this:

Tips and tricks to being a better writer:


The end. Don't EVER pay money for that kind of advice.

He's correct.

I have literally written thousands of blog posts over the last nine years - over 3,000 posts in the five Empoprises blogs, and thousands more in other blogs. Is this blog post better than my very first blog post? Perhaps, perhaps not. But I've certainly learned a lot along the way. A lot.

And if someone is going to be involved in social media they...well, they need to be involved in social media. Don't be like the person with the Twitter name seoexpert who has a Klout score that is below 20. Regardless of the criticisms of Klout, a score below 20 certainly compares poorly with a score above 50.

Are you out there in the virtual world?
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