Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Access Intelligence?

I received an interesting snail mail solicitation this afternoon.

You know how there are some solicitations that make a point of emphasizing who is doing the soliciting? You know that if Donald Trump wants you to buy something, his name and his image are going to be all over the solicitation.

Well, this solicitation wasn't like that. The company sending the solicitation wasn't identified - other than noting that its address was "1500 Wilson Blvd. Suite 515, Arlington, VA 22209." Wow, a company in Arlington - THAT'S real specific.

And there was one other thing on the envelope:


This indicates that these people sent me a solicitation in the past, and that I obviously didn't care for whatever was being sold, but that they're trying again anyway.

Why didn't I care for their previous solicitation? I found a hint in the way that the letter was addressed.


That's funny - I haven't been a Product Manager at Motorola since March 2009.

I opened the letter anyway. And it was from Defense Daily, who was selling me their daily newsletter for the low price of $2,397, plus an additional $300 discount, plus a $25 Starbucks card.

Wow - they didn't throw the Starbucks card into the offer when they sent me a similar offer in March 2009 (when I still did work for Motorola, but not on defense).

Back then, Defense Daily's list price was $2,297, which they offered to reduce by $200 to $2,097.

Today, Defense Daily's list price is $2,397, which they offered to reduce by $300 to $2,097. And they'd throw in a $25 Starbucks card.

(Oddly enough, I saw another source that stated that annual subscriptions were $2,197. Go figure.)

Perhaps I should go ahead and draft my blog post for 2015, by which time Defense Daily will cost $2,497. But I'll qualify for a $400 reduction to $2,097, and Defense Daily will throw in a $75 Amazon gift card (provided that Amazon still exists in 2015.)

Of course, the mail will still be addressed to a Motorola Product Manager.

When I looked at the reply envelope (with the words "PROCESS IMMEDIATELY!"), I noticed that the name of the company that publishes Defense Daily is a company called Access Intelligence.

My experience does not support this.
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