Thursday, April 26, 2012

(empo-plaaybizz) News FTW?!?

I was visiting my Google News page, and I noticed that I had earned a basketball badge.

A badge? For news?


The U.S. Edition of Google News now lets you collect private, sharable badges for your favorite topics. The more articles you read on Google News, the more your badges level up: you can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Ultimate. Keep your badges to yourself, or show them off to your friends.

The default behavior is to hide a badge, but you can hover over the badge and choose to share it.

I admit that badges and sharing can motivate people to do things, but this is sounding a little ridiculous even for me. I was about to joke about the IRS issuing an "I paid my taxes" badge...until I remembered that my tax preparation software gave me the option of sharing my tax completion on Facebook.

I guess now the question is as follows: what actions CANNOT succumb to the badge frenzy?

I challenge you to think of one.
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