Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's example of why ads have a long way to go

I was conducting a web-based search for information on a person whose first name is Ed. I won't reveal the name of the search engine that I was using, but it rhymes with smoogle.

Guess which ads were presented to me?

Above my search results, there was a highlighted link to the official site for Cialis.

To the right of my search results, there were a number of similar ads for erectile dysfunction.

The actual search results (which were based upon the full name of the person, as well as an organization name) were much more relevant, but the ads...um...didn't deliver.

To see if other acronyms tripped up the search engine, I entered a search for "fab morvan" (the member of Milli Vanilli who is still alive). No ad was presented by the search engine.
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