Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oracle Learning Library - H/T @eddieawad

Eddie Awad is an Oracle ACE Director, which demonstrates that he has a deep technical knowledge of Oracle products.

I cannot write a join statement.

For those with any level of knowledge who want to learn more about Oracle products, Awad has shared a link to the Oracle Learning Library.

If you go to, you will be directed to a row of buttons that link to just about every part of Oracle's stack (although I couldn't find hardware). For example, when I clicked on the "Database" button and queried for "Active Data Guard," I received links to six items that told about Active Data Guard. One of these was a 60-minute "Oracle by Example" tutorial.

There are a variety of resources that you can consult to learn how to use Oracle products, and the Oracle Learning Library is a valuable addition to this list.
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