Thursday, October 20, 2011

Up on the roof at the ESPN Zone in Anaheim's Downtown Disney

I am not attending the APMP Southern California chapter training day tomorrow, but some of my co-workers are. I wanted to give one of my co-workers driving directions to the Grand Californian Hotel, so I went to the Disney website to find a suitable map. When I did, I noticed that the map showed a baseball diamond in Downtown Disney. I don't remember seeing a baseball diamond down there before, so I looked at the map more closely. The "baseball" diamond was in the location of the ESPN Zone.

I then investigated via Google Maps, and found that the roof of the Anaheim ESPN Zone looks like a baseball diamond.

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(Also see Virtual Globetrotting, as well as trivia question 9 at Laughingplace.)

Interestingly enough, this view shows that Disney's map (PDF) is inaccurate. The map shows home plate at the southeast corner, when it is actually at the northwest corner.

(I ask my readers from Finland and India to bear with me. Take my word for it; the map's wrong.)

But a Micechat commenter noted:

Whoever would be playing center field would probably hate where they were playing of course. That satellite dish presents somewhat of an obstacle.

I know that baseball is somewhat lenient with stadium eccentricities (take Boston's "Green Monster"), but this might be too much even for baseball. And the field dimensions (less than 100 feet from home plate to right field) might be a little troublesome also.
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