Monday, October 3, 2011

#oow11 A really big joke from @dbmoore with a sorta big joke from me

For some time now, Oracle has been using the prefix "Exa-" for just about every hardware product imaginable. Why? Because "Exa-" products are big (10 to the 18th power, vs. a mere 10 to the 9th power for giga), and Oracle wants to convey the notion of bigness to its technical audience.

But Dennis Moore wasn't impressed:

I'm introducing my new Zettalytics cloud in a box. It is 1000x better than #Oracle Exalytics. Next week:Yottalytics. #oow11 #EnSW

I replied:

@dbmoore i'm waiting for your release of Sortalytics hurricane season in a toothpick. #oow11

P.S. If you're not familiar with zetta, yotta, and sorta, see my prior prefix post.
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