Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Remember when comment fragmentation was bad?

It seems like just a couple of years ago that some people were extremely concerned about comment fragmentation, and about how this was going to be the death of blogging as we know it.

I thought about this again when I tried to comment on this post and was unsuccessful:

You see what I did - not only did I fragment my comment, but I also did so in a non-searchable format. (Or at least it's presently non-searchable; it will probably be searchable within a few months.)

Of course, today the issue of comment fragmentation has taken a different look. Now when you go to comment on certain items, you have the option of sending your comment to multiple destinations. Of course the two most common destinations are Facebook and Twitter (which always seem to be linked together), but you can also send your comment to other stuff too - provided that you share all of your credentials with the host of the original item.

I've become more selective in this sharing as I have grown older. Do I want to share this with the Twitter folks? Do I want to share it with the Facebook folks? What about the folks on FriendFeed? Or should I just leave my comment here and not share it with anyone else?

P.S. Actually, barber shops are probably just about as good as think tanks in considering important issues.
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