Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chris Schauble's broadcasting move - not quite of earthquake proportions

So anyways, a few days ago I turned the TV on early one morning and was watching the KTLA broadcast here in Los Angeles. I often catch the radio version of the radio-TV simulcast between the KTLA Morning News and Roger Lodge's radio show on AM 830 (motto: "The only reason we don't cover the Ducks all winter is because that would cut into our winter Angels coverage"). So I was somewhat surprised to see that the male newscaster was not Frank Buckley, but Chris Schauble.

You may recall my previous vent regarding Chris Schauble - namely, how he joined into the anti-Kent Shocknek chorus of "don't do the responsible thing when an earthquake hits." (You know - when an earthquake kills 6 people, and an aftershock hits, apparently you're supposed to pretend like nothing is going on.) And you may recall my subsequent comments regarding Schauble, who responded to a video gaffe with an on-air obscenity. Those things happen, but when you're on an FCC-regulated broadcast outlet, you will be criticized.

I don't know if that had long-term ramifications for Schauble's employment at KNBC (although it probably did, since Schauble was consigned to odd-hours work after the event), but Mediabistro linked to a Frank Buckley post that revealed that Schauble has switched stations:

Starting next Monday, I'll no longer be anchoring the 5-7am hours of the KTLA Morning News and a new guy will be in the anchor chair. I was asked to fill in on the 5 and 6am broadcasts on a temporary basis after the departure of our friend Emmett Miller in October. We thought it would last a month or two. It's now March....

The new guy is someone you may know from KNBC Channel 4. His name is Chris Schauble. He's a veteran newsman, a dad, and a person we will all get to know well in the months and years ahead. I hope you'll welcome him with open arms to the KTLA Morning News family.

Well, at least until the ground starts shaking and we see if Schauble does something stupid. (Presumably Ana Garcia remained at KNBC; hopefully she has learned to wear shoes when an earthquake strikes.)

As for Shocknek, he authors a blog at CBS Los Angeles' web site. Among other topics, Shocknek has blogged about the new Volkswagen all-electric VW Bus. And in an earthquake-related post, Shocknek analyzed the aspect of timing that nuclear opponents need to consider as they cite the Japan earthquake in their arguments:

But when would you start to make noise? Point out what went wrong in Japan too late, and you’ve lost people’s immediate attention. Point it out too soon — as the situation still is unfolding – and stand by to be accused of heartless exploitation, as millions still are suffering from what they’re going through.
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