Friday, January 7, 2011

ADMIA (acronyms do me in again)

I was searching for some information on a particular committee within the International Association for Identification, and instead found myself at the website of the Irrigation Association of India, a decidedly different organization.

The Association is voluntary, non-profit organization formed to promote, development, proper use and acceptance of irrigation equipment for all possible applications, to promote water and soil conservation and more economical crop production through the use of irrigation, to conserve energy through efficient design and operation of irrigation systems: to enhance the environment by expanding efficient use of irrigation for landscape maintenance, dust and erosion control; to collect and disseminate information regarding irrigation and value to members of the Association, to allied industries and to the public; to acquaint public and private agencies, institutions and organizations with development in the industry and the part the industry occupies in the econo9my and development of the Nation,; to conduct educational programs regarding the industry and extend scholarships; to promote research, development and extension work, to recognize outstanding contribution in promotion of modern irrigation systems and carry out such other lawful trade association activities as the general object may direct.

Of course, if someone steals some irrigation equipment out of a field, perhaps MY IAI can help out there....
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