Friday, December 17, 2010


Tough night on FriendFeed.

Search, as usual, isn't working - something that I noted in a comment on a HorsePigCow post from Tara Hunt.

...But for me the prime offender is FriendFeed (now under Facebook’s control). A lot of my information has flowed into FriendFeed over the years, including blog posts, Google Reader shares, loved songs, and the like. FriendFeed would be the ideal place to find things. However, when I use FriendFeed’s search facility, more often than not I get the following message:

“Service Unavailable

“We encountered an error on your last request. Our service is new, and we are just working out the kinks. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

I realize that the lights are (mostly) out at FriendFeed, but it would be nice if someone updated FriendFeed’s error message....

A few hours later, I'm back on FriendFeed and see people complaining that the "like" feature isn't working. After confirming this, I decide to post a message to FriendFeed and also send it to Twitter. I don't get very far.

A few minutes later I tried FriendFeed again, and things seemed to work. But something was missing.

I don't like this.

[UPDATE 12/17 11:25 PM]

In retrospect, it's natural that I shouldn't see likes on my own page. It's not like this is Facebook or anything, where you can like your own stuff.

A workaround is to use a third party application such as fftogo to like things. But I saw one item that said that someone was occasionally getting kicked out of fftogo.
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