Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oracle OpenWorld Unconference move for 2010?

In the past, whenever I have attended Oracle OpenWorld, there has been some acquisition or another that pours more and more people into Moscone Center and the adjoining hotels.

This year (the first time in several years that I probably won't make it up to San Francisco) it appears that the Sun acquisition, with all of the Java and MySQL folks, has continued this trend. And it looks like there is at least one ramification of this, if I'm reading and interpreting Richard Foote's July 22 blog post correctly. This is (part of) what he said:

Finally, I’ve decided to put my name down for the Oracle Unconference again this year. Partly because it was relatively successful last year when I attempted this in that it generated a number of interesting discussions, partly because it’s in the spirit of the Unconference where unstructured and interactive presentations are the go but mainly because it requires absolutely no preparation on my part whatsoever, I’ve decided to host another question and answer session on all things Oracle Indexes. This is your chance and opportunity to ask those questions on how Oracle indexes work, how they should be used, how they should be maintained, on indexing issues you want to share or solve or dispel or whatever, with a whole bunch of other Oracle professionals. As always, if the questions dry up, no worries, we can spend the rest of the time discussing which of David Bowie’s albums is the most influential ;) Details are:

“Oracle Indexing Q & A With Richard Foote” Tuesday 21 September, 10:00am Hotel Parc 55 Mason Room

The Oracle Unconference is always one those secret little highlights of the whole Oracle OpenWorld event where you often get the opportunity to listen, meet and speak with some great speakers in relatively quiet and intimate (for OOW) surroundings. Always worth checking out the agenda each day.

Now, as a former Oracle OpenWorld Unconference presenter, I immediately noticed that the unconference has apparently moved from Moscone West to the Hotel Parc 55, and that the unconference will apparently have real rooms, with walls up to the ceiling and stuff.

A week after Foote's post, John Hurley posted a link to Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Unconference information. Oddly enough, the page is on the domain -

Hotel Parc 55 is in the Union Square area, a few blocks from the Moscone Center.

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