Monday, May 31, 2010

Version 1.0 provides the opportunity, version 3.0 rescinds it - the future of 4sqsearch?

When a software developer puts out version 1.0 of a product, there are things about it that are really really bad. Even if the product had a stellar product manager, not all customer needs can be anticipated.

To meet the needs that are not met by product version 1.0, other developers may pop up and offer these features.

Eventually, the original software developer wises up, realizes that its software is deficient, and either buys the other companies (e.g. Twitter buying Summize) or offers the features themselves.

Think about this normal course of events as you read about the service that Julio Fernandez tweeted about - a service called 4sqsearch.

I took the service for a spin by searching for "yogurt" in Upland, California, and did not get the result that I expected (see the source for all things Yogurtime - well, the former source, I guess). Instead, I was referred to Razzle Dazzle Frozen Yogurt on Arrow Highway (Foursquare page here).

I'm not sure why Yogurtime didn't show up, since its Foursquare page also includes the "frozen yogurt" tag. However, this is presumably an issue with the Foursquare API, not with 4sqsearch.

But how long will it take until Foursquare discovers that 4sqsearch is addressing a deficiency in Foursquare's own search feature? And when Foursquare makes this discovery, what will they do about it?
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