Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How Empoprise-BI monitors all that is important

I just peeked at my analytics to see how people have been getting to this blog over the past three days. Here are the most popular search terms:

1. josh nankivel "account suspended"
2. "please place your tray tables"
3. are sociopaths gift givers
4. cashing in foursquare mayor rewards
5. dr. verena kain 2010
6. examples of lomography ads
7. how does foursquare work
8. how to take over mayor foursquare
9. kitchenaid stove using probe
10. lg driver component transfer error
11. lg env3 drive
12. my delight cupcakery
13. narra6 overclocking
14. nick wheeler physics
15. odtug kaleidoscope 2010 party
16. on verizon env3 what does it mean when the messages say sent and delivered
17. openworld 2011
18. oracle san francisco 2011
19. positive and negative advantages of skinput
20. problem pc lg env3 finding
21. steve carr nooma
22. yogurtime

Results are definitely interesting. I don't know what happened to Josh Nankivel's web site, but it's fine now. And the "are sociopaths gift givers" search is definitely an anomaly. Perhaps someone was wondering if a sociopath would give a gift to my former physics professor.

The three big trends that I see here are Foursquare searches (which include My Delight and Yogurtime), cell phone woes, and Oracle conventions.

However, I want to assure my readers that, whether they like it or not, I pretty much write about whatever I want to write about. Since I blog for fun, I continue to blog about whatever excites me, regardless of whether or not it excites anyone else. The results are probably esoteric at times, but they are (hopefully) original.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to work on my next post, "Using Foursquare to Become the Mayor of Your Local LG Phone Customer Support Center While at Oracle OpenWorld." I just have to work a picture of Dr. Verena Kain into the post somehow.

(With that hard hat, I'm now wondering if the LHC scientists gather around late at night and do karaoke versions of "Y.M.C.A.")
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