Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Murphy's Law of Spelling - the most critical word will be misspelled

I've previously told my "qualtiy" story, and now I have another one to tell about myself. I had written some text for a proposal, and I needed to email it to some people for review. Before the email left my computer, the system automatically initiated a spell check. It was a good thing that it did this, because I misspelled a word.

The original version of my email included "identfication."

When you consider the industry in which I work, that is NOT a word that you want to misspell.

Luckily, I caught this error before anyone else saw it. I didn't catch my "qualtiy" error, however. If you haven't heard this story, check this July 2009 post which includes it. The title of this old post was "On Acuracy and Misteaks."

And yes, I found this example:

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