Monday, April 12, 2010

David Rozansky demonstrates reason 1037 why our search tools are really really bad

The acclaimed online publication called The Los Angeles Pulse on Real Estate saw fit to reprint a portion of a recent post of mine. Note that I am not listed as the author; instead, David Rozansky is listed.

But at least Mr. Rozansky was kind enough to link to the original post.

But the interesting part of this is WHY Mr. Rozansky chose to write - I mean reprint - this particular post. Why would Rozansky put something about Guin, Alabama in a Los Angeles blog? Because of a single sentence:

Let’s just say that the Guin real estate market is not like the Los Angeles real estate market.

And that's the only Los Angeles content in the post.

I wonder how the massive readership of The Los Angeles Pulse on Real Estate will react to mentions of the town of Guin. Or maybe they'll just think it's a new trendy bar or something.

The lesson to be learned is that our current search parameters, which often just key in on a single word, are often terrible failures. For example, what if I were to go completely off topic and talk about Lady Gaga or the British parliamentary elections or something? ( many acclaimed blogs will now pick up on THIS post?)
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