Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The world we live in (and life on video)


I was debating whether to include this story in the Empoprise-BI business blog, or the tymshft blog. While it fits in tymshft's "we never did this before" theme, the activities described here indicate how things are being recorded - not only by my employer's customers (law enforcement agencies), but also by individuals (Glassholes, TMZ contractors, and the like).

Back in June, Tucson station KVOA posted a story about a confrontation between a driver and police. Let me start by sharing the second paragraph of the story.

Just before noon on Friday, officers pulled a man over at 12th Avenue and Ajo Way. After the stop, he rammed multiple cars in a drug store parking lot. At least 3 officers shot at him as he pulled out on Ajo Way, according to Tucson Police Sgt. Kimberly Bay.

That isn't why I read the story. The part that caught my attention began in the third paragraph.

Cell phone video captured the truck colliding with another truck at 12th Avenue.

Let's face it - if people are walking around with their cell phones and see something extraordinary, at least some of them are going to go the citizen journalist route (or at least the "wait until my friends see this" route) and capture the event on video. And, as the 1991 Rodney King beating incident demonstrates, you don't even need a smartphone.

But that wasn't the only video that was captured.

Video provided by the city's photo enforcement camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions, shows he continued toward 6th Avenue where he ran a red light....

And the video shows much more than that, as the KVOA story notes.

Has government, business, and individual video capture affected our society? Just ask Ray Rice.

Or Eric Casebolt.
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