Thursday, December 2, 2010


Now that's an interesting turn of events.

In the same way that MySpace allows publication of MySpace updates on Facebook (Robert Scoble was recently using this feature until his followers begged him to turn it off), Gowalla is now allowing its users to check in to Foursquare.

Actually, Gowalla is allowing integration with multiple services, and Josh Williams explained why:

The aim was to "create a solution that allows people to connect with all these services without having to launch four different apps," says Josh Williams, Gowalla's CEO. "We're still early enough in the space that everyone has a different flavor and take on it. Different people are going to migrate to different services."

So now we have an interesting alternative to the silo strategy, in which the application doesn't care which data source is being accessed, as long as its own application is being used to access the data.

However, this won't change my location habits, since Gowalla doesn't support the LG env3. Sorry, Gowalla, but many mobile smartphone users, not to mention dumbphone users such as myself, DON'T use the platforms that you support.
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