Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Then it makes it hard to find the door - Eaze and #WaaS

For a generation raised on Cheech & Chong record albums and movies, the changing legal and business landscape can look...pretty rad.

The latest hit to our collective consciousness? The existence of a service, Eaze, that facilitates the delivery of products to medical marijuana patients.

As PYMNTS.COM notes in an article on Eaze's latest funding round ($10 million), the market is ready for this "given the Uberization of everything and the general lack of enthusiasm for going outside typical among marijuana connoisseurs."

However, the man is still around, narcing. Banks are reluctant to get involved in this business because banks are often Federally chartered, and the possession of marijuana is still a Federal offense.

However, momentum continues. A friend of TechCrunch writer Sarah Buhr has already come up with an awesome acronym - WaaS (Weed as a Service).
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