Monday, March 30, 2015

Cereality. It's NOT what's for dinner. (At least for me.)

Back in December 2004, someone at Blogging LA wrote a post entitled "Oatmeal is the new two-martini lunch." When I saw the post, I added the following comment:

Speaking of oatmeal, have you heard of the new Cereality restaurant concept? It’s premiered in Philadelphia, and could be in Los Angeles within a year.

Cereality - a restaurant that sells cereal morning, noon, and evening - was supposedly going to be the next big thing. However, I guess I lost my initial enthusiasm for the idea, since I never wrote about Cereality in any of my own blogs.

I was at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport recently, looking for a place to grab dinner between flights, when I ran into my first Cereality in the wild. (It's in Terminal C.)

And I walked right on without even looking at the place. I just wasn't in the mood for dinner at 6 pm local time.

And if you're going to look for Cereality, there aren't many places to look.

I guess Philadelphia didn't care for it.
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