Wednesday, September 24, 2014

These fries are NOT extremely salty

The best corporations police themselves, and in some instances, do so publicly. In an article entitled "Do the Math," Philip B. Corbett of the New York Times looked at several examples of errors from his paper. In one case, the Times offered a correction on a Burger King article; the correction stated, in part:

The article also misstated the amount of sodium in Satisfries and regular fries. Satisfries have 300 milligrams of sodium, not 300 grams; regular fries have 480 milligrams, not 480 grams.

While Corbett noted that many of us have an "aversion" to the metric system, he did the math himself.

Four hundred and eighty grams is almost half a kilogram (a kilogram being 1,000 grams). And a kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. So 480 grams would mean about a pound of salt in one order of fries.

Of course, some diners would claim that fries ARE that salty.

For more of Corbett's calculations, read his article.
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